Guide to recycled aggregates and why to use them.

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Various types of recycled aggregates commonly used.

6F2 and Crusher Run

6F2 is a by-product of demolition jobs, It is a combination of mortar, crushed hardcore and concrete work. It is also commonly known as crusher run or 6F5 when brought to site. 6F2 & crusher-run vary in size from 75mm to dust. It can be used as bulk fill to level out areas of building projects, as a temporary hard standing surface, for firming up areas prone to water retension or for use as a layer below Type 1 crushed/primary.

Type 1 MOT

Recycled Type 1 consists of a combination of mortar, crushed hardcore and occasionally asphalt. MOT Type 1 recycled aggregates are graded according to the Specification for Highway Works 803. Type 1 Sub Base is generally graded to 40mm to dust. It is highly compatible, meaning it can be used to create a sturdy compatible surface.

How does MOT Type 1 differ from regular standard sub-bases?

A sub-base is used to provide a supporting layer to overlying surfaces whilst helping spread the load evenly over the subgrade. So that being said, having a sub-base is essential and advised when building patios, driveways and other types of paving that carry a large load or heavy foot traffic. If it is not crucial that the job requires specific quality regulations in accordance with local council rules then a standard sub-base aggregate can be used. The main difference between the two is that MOT Type 1 is approved to be used in the construction of pavements and highways by the Department of Transport.

Recycled aggregates is the term given to materials reused from construction waste and demolition projects, these materials often include asphalt, brick and concrete. These materials are repurposed aggregates that have been crushed, mixed and graded to meet different requirements.

Recycled materials Prices Shop Recycled materials

Why use recycled aggregates?

Environmentally friendly.

Since the extraction and process of production of these aggregates does not involve quarrying or production, it means that using recycled aggregates protects natural resources and environments that can be harmed due to quarry operations.

Multi functional.

From construction to domestic building projects and landscape projects, Gravelbase supplies recycled aggregates for all projects, from drainage, driveway and footpath replenishment and recycled sub-base aggregates.


If your project is under the constraints of a low budget then Recycled aggregates are a cheaper option to regular quarried aggregates. If you are worried about the quality then dont be recycled aggregates are just as good and effective as natural quarried materials, and often mean that they come from a local source or demolition project helping save the environment with transporting in materials from quarries.
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