Gravel Base methods of payment

Online orders via the Gravel base webpage are payable via bank transfer or via a stripe online invoice.

Bank Wire Transfer:
With bank wire transfers, customers can initiate payments directly from their bank accounts. Bank wire transfers are often used for larger transactions or for customers who prefer not to use credit or debit cards. The Bank wire information will be included in the order confirmation Email.

Credit Card payment via online invoice:
The invoice includes all the information of your order, such as the items & services purchased, the total amount due. You can then follow the provided link to a secure payment portal where you can pay using credit/debit cards.

By offering both bank wire transfers and online invoices Gravel base provides our customers with flexibility on how they choose to pay, accommodating different preferences and needs. * If you require the online invoice please contact us - *

For credit card payment link, contact us.
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