When buying aggregates on Gravelbase.co.uk we have two options available for our customers.

#1 Aggregates which are delivered loose by the tonne.
#2 Aggregates which are delivered in bulk bags

Before you get confused as to which delivery you should go for, we will explain the pros and cons.

Bagged aggregates

Bagged aggregates keep your products neatly stored when delivered and take up less space on your property or jobsite.

There are several options on sizing ranging from 800 kg - 1 tonne of material. This may may not sound much, but you will be surprised how much material can fit in those bags, they typically measure 90cm x 90cm x 90cm so they can be placed out of the way on site. Having your aggregates bagged will take up a considerably less amount of space than the loose alternative.

Easy onsite Storage.
The benefit of having aggregates delivered in bags is that if you are not using all the material straight away the aggregates can be kept tidy in the bags and you can place them away in storage until you need it again.

Waste Bags
Once you have used the aggregate you will be able to use the strong bulk bags as a waste bag for any left over building projects are garden waste, these can then also be collected by a muck away service.

Multiple Aggregates
If you require a couple of different materials, Gravel and Topsoil for example these can be delivered together on the same truck, saving you money on extra delivery charges with loose load deliveries.

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Loose aggregates

Convenient for larger scale projects

If you are requiring a large tonnage of aggregates then loose may be a better option so you dont have the inconvenience of multiple bulk bags all over the site. Loose loads of aggregates are popular with contractors, builders and large scale replenishment projects. Loose loads are generally cheaper when ordering larger amounts of aggregates, Bulk bags cost more due the bagging process and the production of the bags etc.

Less Labour intensive.

If you are replenishing your driveway with 20mm limestone or shingle… You are probably going to be needing a lot of aggregate, by purchasing your aggregates loose as apposed to bulk bags the delivery truck will offload the material by tipping it out the back of the truck making it easy for you just rake out and spread instead of a labour intensive operation of shovelling material out of bags.

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