Delivery as Tipload or in Bulk Bag or in Construction Sack

Tipload delivery

Tipload delivery of your material is almost always possible in most areas.
It is usually only possible to hold one material on a tipload truck, very rarely some loads can facilitate two materials.

If you have special wishes for delivery places at your address please make a note about this in your order, and make a mark of the drop location at the property. Please be aware that the truck driver absolutely decides the best place for the tipload, if your delivery wish can not be fulfilled. Examples of problems are narrow driveways or driveways built without ballast for heavy loads. If you want the tipload spread down a long alley, this can be arranged with the driver in some cases. Please be aware that the most normal place for delivery is by the curb of your property.

Bulk Bag delivery

Select delivery in Bulk Bag when you order. If your need of Sand, Stone or Gravel are small amounts ranging from 1 to 5 tons, you should order your products in Bulkbags.

A Bulkbag consists of 850kg of material. They are delivered to your curb, driveway, or on your property if your property is suitable for handling trucks with heavy loads. If you specifically require a HIAB delivery then we suggest you send us amail to prior to ordering as the system is set up with a pallet line delivery.

The Sand, Stone or Gravel Bulk Bag will be placed according to your delivery wish, if the truck diver finds it possible, otherwise the driver will place the Bulk Bag in the best suitable location. Please notice that the driver has the absolute last say in this matter.

7.5 Tonne Pallet Vehicle with Tail Lift
7.5 Tonne Pallet Vehicle Approximate Dimensions
Height 3.4M
Length 6M - 8.5M
Width 2.8M
Max Weight 7.5 Tonnes
Cubic Capacity 32.5M3
Frame Rigid Turning Circle 15M
Max Pallets 2-3
Wheels 4 Comparable To Fire Engine, Dust Bin Lorry

18 Tonne Pallet Vehicle with Tail Lift
18 Tonne Pallet Vehicle Approximate Dimensions
Height 3.4M
Length 9.6M
Width 2.8M
Max Weight 24.5 Tonnes
Cubic Capacity 42.5M3
Frame Rigid
Turning Circle 15M
Max Pallets 10
Wheels 4-6 Comparable To Large Fire Engine

Artic Pallet Vehicle
7.5 Tonne Pallet VehicleApproximate Dimensions
Height 4+M
Length 16+M
Width 2.8M
Max Weight 48 Tonnes
Cubic Capacity 90M3
Frame Articulated
Turning Circle 26M
Max Pallets 22-26
Wheels 10+ Comparable To Large SuperStore vehicle

The Pump Truck
7.5 Tonne Pallet Vehicle
Ground Clearance 3-4 CM
Max Weight 1000 KG
Suitable For Moving pallets over level, firm surfaces
Pump Trucks require hard standing to maneuver pallets. They cannot function on loose surfaces such as gravel or grass.
Due to the ground clearance, they cannot mount curbs or climb inclines.
Tel.: 0203 0388 558