Guide to using Slate chippings

Various applications for Slate.

Pathway Borders
Ground Cover
Pond Edging
Planting Beds
Paving stone gap filler

Slate chippings are one of the most versatile and readily available materials on the market. They are often the primary choice of most landscapers for applications ranging from paths, paving borders,pond edging and garden rockeries. Slate has always been a popular go to,

Gravelbase offers a large variety of slate chips in all sizes and colours.There are many advantages of using Slate for your projects so we have listed a few key pointers for you.

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Being a natural material Slate is very durable and weather hardy, It is able to withstand all the weather the UK has to offer.
Easy to apply.
Slate is easy to apply to almost any surface, for garden projects and pathways we would recommend that you lay a weed membrane to stop weeds from penetrating through.
Slate is a great product for creating a unique rustic look for your landscaping and elegant driveways to give that wow effect on first approach. Slate looks good whether wet or dry.
Eco Friendly
Slate chippings are a recycled product so they are more eco friendly than being produced from quarries.

When you are planning your project there are a few factors to bear in mind.

Firstly calculate the amount of slate you are going to need, by finding out the length and breadth of the area. Then you can use the gravel calculator on our site to determine the amount and whether you would like a bulk loose load delivery or simply a few bulk bags. Depending on which size you purchase we suggest that the smaller sizes are laid at a standard depth of around 3-5 cm. For the larger sizes like the paddle stone we suggest 4-6 cm Before spreading out the material make sure you clear the area from any unwanted rubbish and weeds and then lay a weed barrier if applicable.

If you are looking for clean lines in the project we suggest building and placing a border either with a plastic or wooden border which you can buy from your local garden center. When the Slate arrives it can be covered in dust from the yard so it is possible to take a hose and wash it down or after a few days or rain the residue will be washed away.

We suggest the smaller 20mm slate chippings for walkways as they are easier to walk on, the 40 mm slate is better used for landscaping, ground cover and finished water features like ponds. The paddle stones are the larger of the Slates and can be used for the same features.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the correct size of materials for your project. It is all in the eye of the beholder.

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Good luck and enjoy the project
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