What are decorative Chippings?

Decorative chippings, also known as decorative stones or gravel, are small pieces of crushed rock or stone that are used primarily for aesthetic purposes in landscaping and garden design. These chippings come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing for creative and customizable designs. Some common types of decorative chippings include:

1. Decorative Stones / Chippings - Decorative Stones / Chippings are small, rounded stones ranging in size from about 2mm to 20mm
2. Pebbles - Pebble chippings are smooth, rounded stones that are larger than gravel, typically ranging from 20mm to 50mm in size.
3. Slate - Slate chippings are flat, angular stones that are typically gray or blue-gray in color
4. Cobbles - Cobbles are larger, rounded stones that are typically over 50mm in size

What are decorative stones used for?

Decorative stones are used for landscaping purposes including garden borders, walkways & driveways, indoor decoration, planting etc. The most popular sizing used for these projects and applications is a 20mm gravel / Chipping. These are just some of the common uses of decorative stones in landscaping and garden design. The specific application and placement of decorative stones may vary depending on the desired aesthetic, functionality, and overall design goals.
The most common products used are the 20mm Dove Gray Limestone, Polar Chippings & Granite Chippings.

Using decorative gravel in projects can is a nice way to make a clean vibrant looking finish.

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