Knowing the type of soil and dirt products that are available to you can help you determine what your landscape needs most and will make all the difference in taking the right path towards completing a quality project.

What is Topsoil?

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or not, chances are you’re at least somewhat familiar with topsoil. Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil about 5 to 10 inches into the ground that is often the most nutrient-rich and where plant roots take hold. Unlike dirt, it will retain moisture and is capable of growing things, though dirt and topsoil can be used similarly for leveling lawns, gardens and other landscapes. As previously stated, topsoils can vary greatly by the climate and topography of the region, and not all are created equal. Topsoils can appear black, brown, reddish, or earthy tan depending on its sand, silt and clay content, and it can also come screened or unscreened when purchasing from suppliers.

Uses for topsoil

Topsoil is of course most commonly used for gardening and landscape purposes. It can be used to fill flower beds, garden boxes, repair damaged or patchy lawns, improve drainage issues, and can be mixed with mulch to improve water retention for plant growth. If your lawn is in dire need of a refresh after a long winter or rough weather, a new layer of topsoil can also instantly enhance the health and look of the lawn. It is important to note that certain projects call for certain soils though, and it is recommended once again that you consult an experienced contractor or landscaper before breaking ground.

Other types of soils

While there are countless other soils, composts and landscapers mixes offered on the market in the landscaping industry, here are just a few of many products offered right here on

What is Potting Soil?

Often confused with standard topsoil - ‘Potting Soil’ or ‘Potting Mix’ is specially produced for raised garden beds, potted plants, vegetables and flower beds. It typically contains ground up organic material and is more fertile for plant growth. It is also more expensive than topsoil and needs to drain well and be kept aerated for best use. For larger scale projects, a ‘Garden Mix’ or ‘Soil Compost Mix’ is more cost-effective than potting soil and will still contain a combination of shredded mulch, compost and other nutritional additives if you are in need of an enhanced garden soil.

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