Pebbles and cobbles
Pebbles and cobbles are both types of rounded stones that are commonly found in natural environments such as rivers, beaches, and gravel beds. While they are similar in shape, there are differences in their size and classification.

What are Pebbles
Pebbles are small, smooth, and rounded stones that are typically between 1/4 inch to 2.5 inches in diameter. They are often found on beaches and along riverbanks where they have been naturally shaped and polished by water. Pebbles can come in various colors and may be made of different types of rock, such as quartz, granite, or limestone. They are commonly used in landscaping for decorative purposes, such as in rock gardens, pathways, or as accents in water features.

What are Cobbles
Cobbles, on the other hand, are larger stones that range in size from 2.5 inches to 10 inches in diameter. They are also rounded and smooth, but they are larger and more substantial compared to pebbles. Cobbles are typically found in riverbeds or areas with high water flow, where they have been transported and shaped over time. Due to their size and weight, cobbles are often used in construction and landscaping projects for more functional purposes, such as creating retaining walls, erosion control, or as a decorative element in larger-scale designs.

Reasons to use Pebbles or Cobbles
Gravelbase offers a large selection of Cobbles & Pebbles. One of the main reasons to use cobbles and pebbles for your projects is the visual appeal. They add texture, colour, and a natural element to outdoor spaces, gardens, pathways, and water features. The different shapes, sizes, and colours of cobbles and pebbles can help to create a visually interesting and dynamic landscape.

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