Gravel is an undervalued landscaping material.

For most of us, thinking about landscaping brings images of plants, water features, and mulch to mind. Gravel is not something many think of as a landscaping material, which is a shame because it is an attractive, versatile, and cost effective option.

Think about one of the most basic elements of landscaping, the driveway. Do you see worn out paths full of ruts and puddles? Most do, but this image overlooks todays options in driveway gravel and the various ways gravel stone can be used to enhance our homes entryway.

Gravel is available in a wide variety of textures and colors. A crushed gravel driveway has a smooth, even look reminiscent of paved surfaces at a fraction of the cost. A blend of crushed rock, mixed gravel, and pea gravel can be used if you are looking for varied textures and colors to create high visual interest. On the other hand, it is hard to beat the crisp, clean look of a limestone crushed gravel driveway. You can get the classic paved look with the gravel price.

If driveway gravel is not for you, bulk gravel is still useful as the base for paved areas.

Purchase cheap gravel by the truck load for use as a course material to provide drainage, it can act as a ballast. Bulk gravel can be used as ground cover or the base of a stone garden.
Use our gravel calculator to determine the volume and gravel size you need. Search by gravel size, color, stone price, or application.
Gravel orders are available by the bag or truck load.

What is gravel?

Basically gravel can be limestone, quartz or granite. Gravel comes in many shapes and colors.

What is gravel used for?

The purpose of gravel is almost endless. Gravel is used for gardening, access routes, footpaths, driveways and much more.
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