In the UK, "Pea Gravel" typically refers to a type of gravel that is composed of small, rounded stones.

These stones are usually between 1/8 to 3/8 inches (about 3 to 10 millimeters) in diameter. Pea gravel is often used for landscaping purposes, such as in garden pathways, driveways, or as decorative mulch around plants. Its small size and rounded shape make it comfortable to walk on and visually appealing. Pea gravel comes in various colours, including shades of brown, gray, and white. It is a versatile material that can add texture and visual interest to outdoor spaces.

Pea gravel is a type of gravel that consists of small, rounded stones. It is typically characterized by its smooth, pea-sized appearance, hence the name. Pea gravel is often used in landscaping and construction projects for various purposes such as:

Pea gravel is commonly used as a drainage material in gardens, flower beds, and around buildings. Its small size allows water to pass through easily, preventing waterlogging and promoting proper drainage.

Pea gravel can be used to create pathways in gardens, parks, and outdoor spaces. Its smooth texture makes it comfortable to walk on, and its natural appearance adds aesthetic appeal to the landscape.

Decorative purposes:
Pea gravel is often used for decorative purposes in landscaping projects. It can be used to cover the soil surface in flower beds, borders, and around trees to create a clean and uniform look. Additionally, pea gravel comes in various colors, such as beige, gray, and brown, allowing for creative design possibilities.

Erosion control:
Pea gravel can help prevent soil erosion on slopes and hillsides by providing a protective layer that stabilizes the soil and prevents it from washing away during heavy rainfall or irrigation.

Overall, pea gravel is a versatile landscaping material that offers both functional and aesthetic benefits in various outdoor projects.

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