Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil.
Typically the top 2 to 8 inches (5 to 20 centimeters) of the Earths surface. It is rich in organic matter, nutrients, and microorganisms, making it ideal for supporting plant growth. Topsoil is formed over time through the weathering of rocks and the decomposition of organic matter, such as leaves and plant debris.

Good-quality topsoil contains a balanced mixture of sand, silt, clay, and organic matter. It provides essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for plants, as well as aeration and drainage for healthy root growth.

Topsoil is commonly used in landscaping, gardening, and agriculture to improve soil quality, promote plant growth, and create fertile ground for plants to thrive. It can be purchased from gardening centers, nurseries, or landscaping suppliers.

What is soil?
Topsoil simply refers to the primary layer of soil in your garden or yard. It basically refers to the top few inches of the ground. Topsoil is the most important and productive section of garden soil, it is where nutrients are delivered to plants, where water is absorbed & where sunlight helps to aid the growing process

Screened Topsoil
Screened topsoil is soil that is sifted through a mesh to remove any large debris and lumps. It is suitable for gardening because it mixes perfectly with compost, potting soil, and fertilizer. It also allows nutrients and water to spread easily and evenly to get to the deep roots. Screened topsoil prices and screened topsoil delivery prices depend on how much you are needing in your bulk screened topsoil delivery or the number of topsoil truckloads. It is also a perfect choice if you are looking for topsoil for grass, potting soil, or bedding soil. This is unlike unscreened soil that has large particles and debris. Unscreened topsoil is good for landscaping and has lower prices as compared to screened topsoil prices. If you get your screened topsoil from Gravelshop, our screened topsoil delivery prices depend on the amount and where you want us to deliver it.

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