Planning on a new drive-way?

In today’s environment and housing opportunities we are lucky if we have the luxury of a driveway. Driveways take a lot of punishment these days from cars, families and of course the UK weather which can really put a toll on the overall look of the materials used.

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A driveway is the first thing people see when approaching your property so it is important to get it right and create a warm welcoming experience to the approach of the property. A bad maintained driveway to take away from the value of the property.

So if your driveway is looking in a little disrepair, make it your project to give it that tender loving care it needs. Driveway designs can be complex and there are so many different materials and styles that you can choose from but it doesnt need to be so. It all depends on the materials you choose to use.

If you are unsure about the direction you want to go it is always wise to consult a professional contractor to help you make the right decision and get it right the first time.

Doing it right creates a long lasting impression when you approach and use the driveway. Driveways are a place where we can park the car so it is off the street and it can also create a safe haven for children to play, So whether it's for a car or simply to create that wow factor there are a multitude of options, materials and finishes. Your choice of material needs to be thought about in regards to drainage, usage and weather. offers you a wide variety of decorative chippings and gravels exactly for this purpose.

Driveways with Gravel / Chippings

The simplest & cheapest option to revamp a driveway would be gravel, Gravel is easily installed and there are multiple options these days in a variety of colours that suit your own taste and style. Gravel offers a rustic rural look to a driveway and is practical. It is important to clean the area of trash, large stones before your new material arrives.Gravel driveways can be labor intensive if you are creating one from scratch and have a lot of vehicle traffic on it.

If your driveway will have a lot of traffic it would be wise to make sure you have a good hard core / Subbase prepared. This is to give the gravel a good base to settle on and to even out any imperfections in the ground creating a stable level base for the gravel.The next option is to add a layer of weed barrier to help prevent weeds from penetrating through the gravel. Edging can also be placed around the sides of the driveway this can help keep the lines looking clean and the gravel from washing away or displaced.

The first layer of gravel should be rolled or pressed with a plate to settle it then a second or third layer can be added and left to lay over a few days. Edging can also be placed around the sides of the driveway this can help keep the lines looking clean and the gravel from washing away or displaced.

Typical materials for a gravel finish and depths.

In the Uk a typical depth for a driveway would be 125mm to 150mm of compacted 40mm to dust base material to form a well compacted level base topped with 40 to 50mm of loose gravel of your choice to complete.

Square Meter Depth Amount in Tons
5 2" 7.5
10 2" 15
15 2" 22.5
20 2" 30
25 2" 37.5
30 2" 45
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Materials often used.

Limestone Chippings
Driveway gravel 10mm - 20mm
Pea Gravel
Crushed Stone

It is important to find a hard wearing stone / Chippings that can last over time.
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